Friday, March 23, 2012

Discounted Heated Towel Rails

On the Discounted Heating website they have a huge selection of very reasonably priced towel rails available with an abundance of sizes to choose from to suit almost any application. In particular their Discounted Heated Towel Rail Section offers a fantastic choice of both curved and straight designs that are of excellent quality and have exceptionally low price tags. One I really like is the Discounted Prima Plus Curved 1120 x 600mm Heated Towel Rail, priced just over £100, it has a good quality finish, decent size to btu ratio and a stylish design. I would definitely recommend this to a friend!

Discounted Prima Plus Curved 1120mm x 600mm Heated Towel Rail

Product Details 

• Height: 1120mm
• Width: 600mm
• Watts: 776
• BTU: 2650
• Finish: Chrome

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