Thursday, March 22, 2012

Carron Lavella 888 Kitchen Sink

A good kitchen sink can add that extra finishing touch of quality and style to the room. On the Discounted Heating website they have superb choices from several manufacturers and offer great prices along with this. One I think is of good quality and is ideal for corner installation is the Carron Lavella 888 Kitchen Sink its clever design incorporates two bowls, includes a waste kit and is suitable for a waste disposal unit. Overall this sink offers good value for money!

Carron Lavella 888 Kitchen Sink

• Left to right: 830mm
• Front to back: 830mm 

First Bowl Size 
• Left to right: 340mm
• Front to back: 400mm
• Depth: 190mm 

Second Bowl Size 
• Left to right: 300mm
• Front to back: 340mm
• Depth: 180mm 

Cut-out dimension
• Left to right: 814mm
• Front to back:814mm 

Tap Hole Size
• 35mm 

Minimum Cabinet: 
• 900mm corner or 800mm straight 
• Drainer Format: Left/Right hand available 
• Suitable for Waste Disposal Unit

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