Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Smiths Sureline Perimeter Heating

Low level heating can be an ideal solution where wall space is limited. The Smiths Sureline Perimeter Range on the Discounted Heating Website offers a natural convector design that fits discreetly at the skirting board level making it a fantastic alternative to the more traditional radiators. Suitable for both domestic and non domestic properties it’s easy to install, efficient and low in price. Overall a fantastic product!

Smiths Sureline 1000 Natural Convector-Perimeter Heating (1000mm length)

Supplied complete with heat exchanger, casing, back plate and joining strip.

• Height: 180mm 
• Width: 1000mm 
• Depth: 76mm
• BTU/h: 2600
• Watts (per metre length): 750
• Low level discrete heating
• Connects to and runs from your central heating system (22mm pipe work)
• Installed at skirting board level
• Can be controlled by TRVs or remote sensor
• Casing available in any colour (special order) 
5 Year Parts and Labour Manufacturers Warranty

• Outer casing 0.7mm zinc coated steel
• Polyester powder coated
• Paint specification: textured white BS 4800 00A01 18% gloss
• Each length includes casing, element, backplate and joining strip
• Casing only includes casing, backplate and joining strip

• LH and RH valve box/end stop kit (includes casing and backplate with integral end stop)
• Centre valve cover
• 90° internal corner. 
• 90° external corner 
• 135° internal corner

• Minimum clearance above floor 50mm
• Flow and return connections 22mm copper
• Designed for system pressures up to 10 bar

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