Thursday, March 8, 2012

Inta Bathroom Taps

The Inta bathroom tap range on the Discounted Heating website offers a wide selection of beautiful and cleverly designed taps that would suit a multitude of applications, from non concussive taps to knee and pedal operated taps there really is something for everyone! One in particular I really like is Intatec Modern Infra Red Basin Tap, with a choice in both mains and battery operated designs, these bathroom taps have a strong brass structure with a high quality chrome finish and are priced exceptionally!

Intatec Modern Infra Red Basin Tap

Product Details 

• Battery or Mains Powered
• Finish - Chrome
• Solid Brass Structure
• Water Saving
• Hygienic
• Vandal Proof
• 9V Lithium Battery (for Battery Operated)
• Battery Life Approx. 4 Years with 150 Operations a day
• Auto Calibration of the Sensor Field
• External Solenoid
• Recomended Water Pressure - 1.0-0.8 Bar
• Preset Sensor Range -220mm Adjustment
• Min Sensor Range - 300mm 
• Security Time - 90 Seconds
• Hot Water Temp. - 70°C Max

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