Monday, February 6, 2012

Top 5 Gas Combi Boilers

There are so many gas boilers on the market today that it can make your head spin when choosing a new one! firstly you will need to understand which type of boiler you will need as there is more than 1 type of gas boiler, such as system, combi or heating boiler. The most commonly used boiler is the gas combi boiler, so to try and help I have selected my top 5 gas combi boilers below from the Discounted Heating website based on quality, benefits and value for money.

The Worcester bosch greenstar CDI range is my favorite of all gas combi boilers, Worcester have several other ranges which include the combi boiler design but I like this one because it has a good selection of sizes to suit almost all domestic appliances and is made to outstanding quality, not the cheapest of boilers on the market but defiantly worth every penny! Overall these highly efficient energy saving boilers can reduce heating and hot water bills by an average of 15-20% and are up to 30% cheaper to run than an older boiler! They have a full range of features that you would expect from a leading boiler and are backed with a 5 year guarantee.

This boiler is the dearest on my list, having said that you get a lot for your money! These top of the range boilers are made to the highest standard, compact in size and backed with a 3 year guarantee. Producing low emissions and highly energy efficient these boilers are easy to install and have easy to use controls

One of the cheapest options on my list, these boilers are produced by the electric heating company A rated and made to a good standard, they have a 2 stage frost protection and inbuilt weather compensating facilty. Overall they are good value for money!

The ferroli optimax range are A rated energy efficient and easy to use, these boilers are backed with a 5 year parts and labour guarantee and produce low emissions, not the highest quality boiler on my list but still made to a high standard these boilers are ultra quiet and priced very reasonably!

I really like this boiler, Baxi are one of the well known manufacturers on the market and although the standard is probably not as highly thought of as the Worcesters and Vaillants it still a force to be reckoned with, this boiler is made to a fantastic quality and backed with a 5 year parts and labour guarantee, it has an intelligent control system and automatic heat adjustment output, probably middle of the range for pricing but for this price your getting a boiler that is of a high quality and produces a fantastic performance!

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