Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Triton Aspirante 9.5kW Electric Shower - Pearl Black

Electric showers can be ideal for most homes, they are easy to install and as they heat the water through an element inside the unit as and when you need it, eliminates the need to have the water heated prior to use. I really like the Triton Aspirante electric shower range, its stylish and minimalist look will suit any bathroom. It is available in both 8.5kw and 9.5 kw plus it has a large selection of colours to choose from. I thought the prices for these showers on the discounted heating website were second to none and would definitely recommend this to anyone in the need of a new shower!

Product Details

• Height: 300mm
• Width: 200mm
• Depth 94mm
• Approvals BEAB, CE, BSI Kitemark
• 9.5kW nominal power rating at 240V
• Water Inlet connection Swiv-letTM 180o reversible inlet with removable filter
• Inspired minimalist design - subtle curved front with slender edges gives the illusion of a floating tile
• Compact slimline design - gives a discreet and integrated appearance
• Soft press illuminated power buttons
• Push button start/ stop
• Power on indicator
• Colour: Pearl Black
• Simple temperature control knob - easy grip with pleasing soft motion
• Rub clean showerhead - 5 spray patterns
• Phased shut down - when the shower is turned off, the water continues to run for a few seconds to flush out preheated water before stopping completely

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