Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Titan Oil Tanks

In my opinion, Titan are one of the best manufactures for oil tanks, I particularly like the talking oil tanks which unlike the standard plastic oil tanks, come with a tank pack consisting of a oil watchman transmitter & receiver, long life battery, gate valve, filter, PTFE and Heldite compound for sealing and has a 2 year guarantee, however if you’re looking for a double skin tank I would recommend the bunded ecosafe tanks they also come with a tank pack but have a 10 year guarantee. I was impressed with the prices for these tanks on the discounted heating website definitely worth taking a look!

Product Specification

The Ecosafe Range Offers a number of excellent features

• Bund Area Holds 110% of Inner Tank Capacity
• Integrally Bunded Tank eliminates the risk of leaks
• Low Maintenance, No Rust and No Painting.
• Primary Tank Secured In Position Reducing Stress On Fitttings
• Spillstop Overflow Device Fitted As Standard
• The Watchmansonic Ultrasonic Oil Level monitor Is Factory Fitted As Standard.
• Tank Pack Supplied Consists Of:
- Watchmansonic Transmitter
- Watchmansonic Receiver
- PTFE Tape
- Heldite Jointing Compound
- Gate Valve And Filter
• 10 Years Warranty

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