Monday, November 14, 2011

Stelrad Caliente Designer Radiators

Stelrad Caliente radiators are relatively new on the market and combine both the modern and contemporary style radiators with a traditional finish. They have been cleverly designed to allow for higher heat outputs (BTU’s) using a tube on tube method. These designer radiators are available in both vertical and horizontal models, have a wide selection of sizes and are finished to a high quality.

A definite recommendation!

The Stelrad Calient radiator comes in 15 different models, offering the following variations:

  • Vertical & horizontal styles
  • Single & double tube models
  • Ecomical and environmentally friendly
  • High quality, white paint finish
  • Rounded edges
  • Heights: 594mm to 1800mm
  • Lenths: 330mm and 1400mm
  • Outputs: 485 to 2120 watts and 1655 to 7233 BTU/hr

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