Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Worcester Greenstore Ground Source System Heat Pumps 9kW

Worcester Greenstore Ground Source System Heat Pumps 9kW by James Millard

The Worcester Ground Source Heat Pump unit uses the natural energy that is stored in the earth to help heat your home. The Greenstore ground source heat pumps are suitable for a variety of properties and are designed to be the sole source of heating and hot water in the home. The System heat pumps require a separate cylinder and can also be used with solar water heating. While the Combi heat pumps have an intergrated cylinder.
For every single kilowatt of electricity used to power the ground source heat pumps, this system could generate four kilowatts or more in energy for your home.

Product Details

• Height: 1520mm
• Width: 600mm
• Depth: 600mm
• Weight: 155kg
• Up to 400% efficient: for a single kilowatt of energy up to 4 kilowatts of energy could be generated
• Microgeneration Certification Scheme approved
• Easy to operate text display menu
• Quiet operation with low noise output
• Weather compensation control feature increases efficiency
• Heat pumps can significantly reduce fuels bills
• Greenstore compatible buffer tanks and cylinders are available in different sizes
• Environmentally friendly
• Ground source heat pumps can replace the need for a boiler
• Ideal for use with underfloor heating or appropriately sized radiators
• System heat pumps can be used in conjunction with Greenskies solar water heating if desired

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