Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Farho Elegance Electric Radiator 575mm High x 1170mm Wide

Farho Elegance Electric Radiator 575mm High x 1170mm Wide by Kimken West

Farho radiators represent the fruits of several years research in the field of heating. They are characterised by combining the majority of the advantages of current systems given that they employ the most reliable features in terms of optimal heat emission (aluminium radiators) and energy source (electricity).

As a result of their high level of heat transmission by radiation and convection, they provide excellent heat performance, making the most of the electricity consumed.

Product Details

• Height: 575mm
• Width: 1170mm
• Depth: 98mm
• Weight: 29kg
• Voltage: 220/240
• Heat in: 1430
• Heat output: 2271
• White finish
• Number of elements: 13
• Digital termperature control
• Easy installation
• No annual maintenance
• Self contained fully programmable units
• Safety heat limiter
• Keypad safety locking
• Weather and corrosion proof
• 2 Years Manufacturers Guarantee for electrical components
• 10 Years Manufacturers Guarantee for aluminium components

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