Friday, July 22, 2011

Redring Selectronic Premier Standard 8.5kW Thermostatic Electric Shower

Redring Selectronic Premier Standard 8.5kW Thermostatic Electric Shower by James Millard

For over 30 years Redring has been developing new products and technologies to ensure excellence in the heating and control of water, in addition to specialist heating products. The latest Selectronic thermostatic instant shower eliminates water temperature variations when the supply water pressure changes. Such a safety-conscious product is endorsed by the RNIB and is ideal for children and less-abled people too.

Product Details

• Fully thermostatic operation - maintains temperature within +/- 1°C
• The shower is pre-programmed to provide automatically hot water at a constant and safe temperature
• Ingenious temperature 'Lock Mode', with three optional settings - eliminating any increase by accident
• Audible feedback response to push-button commands
• Large one touch, easy-to-press Start/Stop button operation
• Tactile button coding
• Clear print control identification for ease of visability and legibility
• Large LED temperature readout display
• Eco Water-Save feature that automatically calculates and adjusts the optimum flow rate
• Eco Water-Save meets the 'Sustainable Homes' water consumption requirements per person for showering
• Eco Power-Save feature that automatically adjusts the power of the shower to achieve the selected water temperature
• Safety temperature lock with override function
• Phased shutdown - reducing scale and ensuring cool-start for next user
• Independent temperature adjustment
• Automatic shutdown after 30 minutes of inactivity
• Inclusively designed RNIB product endorsement - making it particularly suitable for the blind or partially sighted
• Curved multi-mode, 6 spray pattern option rub-clean handset
• Cable entries - top, bottom and rear (up to 16mm2)
• Pipe entries - top, bottom and rear (on right hand side)
• Power: 8500 W
• Voltage: 230-240 V
• Recommended Cable Size: 6-10 mm2
• Recommended Fuse Rating: 40 amps

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