Friday, July 22, 2011

QSS FB5000 Standard Fuel Bank Oil Tank

QSS FB5000 Standard Fuel Bank Oil Tank by James Millard

QSS was established in 2002 and has grown its business based on providing quality products and the very best in customer service. Located at there new production facility in Hartlebury, Worcestershire they regard on-going product development based on the needs of the marketplace as key to our continued success.

QSS Tanks have listened to their customers thoughts and views on oil storage tanks - how they look - how they function and how they are handled. Using this invaluable information, QSS have designed a new range of tanks which meet the needs of the marketplace and offer their customers the optimum choice whatever their requirements are, for either Single Skin Oil Tanks or Bunded Oil Tanks .

Product Details

• Height - 2400mm
• Diameter Min - 2190mm
• Diameter Max - 2890mm
• Capacity - 5000 Litres (1100 Gallons)
• All Tanks Should be Installed on a Firm Flat Surface Supporting the Entire Base Area of the Tank, This Base Should Extend 300mm On All Sides.
• Comes With Auto-Shut Off, 4 Meter Hose & Flowmeter

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