Thursday, July 21, 2011

Atlas 2500FDA Fuel Dispensing Oil Tank

Atlas 2500FDA Fuel Dispensing Oil Tank by James Millard

Product Details

• Capacity: 2500 Litres
• Length: 2310mm
• Width: 1550mm
• Height: 1950mm
• Footprint: 1650 x 1450mm
• Standard Ancillary Equipment Included:
- 4m Hose
- Auto Shut off nozzel
- 230v pump
- SpillStop Automatic Overfill Prevention
- Clock Gauge
• Colour: Green
• Material: Medium Density Polyethylene
• UV Stabilised
• Bunded Horizontal Tank
• Fitted with an electronic Watchman Sonic gauge
• SpillStop overfill prevention valve
• Automatic shut off at 95% of tank capacity
• All dimensions are approximate
• Capacities shown may be brim full with the working capacity being up to 10% less than this volume
Guaranteed: 10 Years on Oil Tank 12 Months Warranty on pumps and equipment

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